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Will The Vampire Diaries' Bonnie sacrifice herself to save Elena?

In Thursday's episode, titled "The Last Dance," that seems to be her plan. "Bonnie is on her journey to how she's going to take out Klaus," Katerina Graham says. "She will do what she has to do to protect Elena." This is not a good sign, as we recently learned that though Bonnie is able to harness enough power to defeat Klaus from a coven of dead witches, doing so is likely to kill her.

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But Bonnie has no time to find another strategy when their No. 1 threat is right in front of them. The episode's '60s-themed school dance quickly devolves into a race to destroy Klaus, who they learn has taken over Alaric's body. "She's constantly being put in the middle," Graham says, citing a push-pull situation that occurs between Jeremy and Damon.

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As previews show, Bonnie chooses to confront Klaus and prove that her powers are no joke. Still, Graham says, she's not immune to typical teen insecurities. "Bonnie is filled with fear. She's still only a 17-year-old girl and [is] scared, but is able to move forward and face her fears. That's where her head is at: She can be scared out of her mind, but she presses forward and will do what she has to do."

But will she make the ultimate sacrifice? "A lot changes in the episode [and] Bonnie puts a lot on the line," Graham says. "I think if Bonnie ever went down, she'd go down with a fight." (For what it's worth, she's a front-runner in our death-watch poll.)

Watch the extended preview for "The Last Dance."

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