Joseph Morgan, Candice Accola Joseph Morgan, Candice Accola

For Vampire Diaries fans who love Klaus and Caroline together, Candice Accola says you'll be very satisfied by the season's remaining episodes.

"Obviously Klaus [Joseph Morgan] has his hands full in New Orleans ... but there are going to be some great moments in the final three episodes that will leave the fans satisfied, but still wanting more from the two of them," Accola tells us in the video below. "Klaroline fans ... will be intrigued by this week's episode — they're going to have some moments."

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While Caroline is focused on the upcoming graduation, on Thursday's episode (8/7c, CW) she and the rest of the group will try their very hardest to get Elena's humanity back. So when — or if — Elena's emotions return, will she be able to forgive her former bestie who's been short of awful to her recently?

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"What I love about Caroline is that her perspective has grown tenfold as the series has gone on. So, I don't think she's going to hold Elena fully accountable for all those moments when she hasn't been the kindest ... but it will be addressed that Caroline is aware [Elena] hasn't been a very nice friend."

Watch this week's Vampire Diaries Bite for more from Accola and check back for scoop on Caroline's future with Tyler (Michael Trevino), returning familiar faces and graduation!


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