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Someone is dying on this week's Vampire Diaries and when we last saw Damon he was in quite the precarious situation. But just how worried should we be?

On Thursday's episode, Elena, Stefan and Rebekah will try to hunt down the cure before Shane gets to it with the help of Bonnie and Jeremy. Damon, meanwhile, is nowhere to be found since he's been kidnapped and tied up by new vampire hunter Vaughn.

"Vaughn poses a pretty substantial threat," Ian Somerhalder told TVGuide.com. "He's a formidable adversary."

Vampire Diaries: The search for the cure leads to unlikely allies and stunning revelations

And, as Somerhalder pointed out to us, "Damon would be an extremely difficult man to get tied up to a tree, unless you're Elena or some hot sorority girl who is compelled to do so. So the fact that he's there means Vaughn knows what he's doing."

Meanwhile, back in Mystic Falls, Caroline and Tyler are still holed up with their biggest enemy, Klaus. Caroline clearly doesn't want anything to do with him, but she and Tyler learn that Klaus is the key to finding the cure.

"Klaus has got some knowledge which will come in handy in attempts to translate the code on the Hunter's sword, Joseph Morgan added. "So there will be a whole new [dynamic] where they need something from him, which he enjoys ... especially with Caroline, to make her feel like she needs him. That's part of the game for him."

Will the gang really get the cure? And who won't make it out alive?

Watch this week's Vampire Diaries Bite below:

Vampire Diaries Bite 4x14: Is Damon in danger?

Vampire Diaries Bite 4x14: Is Damon in danger?