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"This cure is going to change so many things."

After weeks of preparing to find the cure to vampirism, The Vampire Diaries' Elena, Damon, Stefan, Rebekah, Jeremy and Bonnie arrive on the island to embark on their search. But as most things for this bunch goes, their mission isn't quite so easy, and the group quickly learns that Professor "Shady Pants" Shane has mislead them. Turns out Shane's wife was a witch who died while trying to revive their dead son. On his first trip to the island, Shane learned he'd need someone with the power of Expression to release Silas, the holder of the cure, who would then be able to resurrect both his wife and son. Shane knows that if the group had been aware of his true plan, they'd never allow it to happen, but now that they're all there, they need to keep Shane alive as he's the only person who can keep Bonnie from accidentally killing herself while using the Expression magic.

Back in Mystic Falls, Bonnie's spell is keeping Klaus locked up. He tries to reason with Caroline to release him as payback for the times he's saved her, but Caroline quickly reminds him that he killed both Tyler's mother and Aunt Jenna. Calming herself down, Caroline says, "You are not even worth the calories I burnt talking to you." But an enraged Klaus acts before thinking and stakes her with a lamp post and bites her neck. Now Klaus' blood is the only thing that can keep her from dying. A weak Caroline musters up her last bit of hope as she tells Klaus that he's only acting out because he's hurt, which means a part of him is human. As her final words she adds, "I know that you're in love with me and anybody capable of love is capable of being saved." Caroline takes her last breath, leading a stunned Klaus to do what we've all been hoping — feed her his blood and bring her back to life.

On the island, the prospect of becoming human again leads to profound conversations between couples Damon and Elena and Stefan and Rebekah. As Elena shares her optimism for both her future as a human and with Damon, she is abruptly brought down to earth with Damon's clear stance.

"I don't want you to be cured," Damon finally reveals. "Say it's real, you become human and still love me, then what? You grow old and die; I stay a vampire. Face reality, Elena. We don't work."

Despite Elena's reassurance that her love is real and she wants nothing more than the two to be human together, Damon responds, "I used to miss being human, now I can't think of anything more miserable on Earth."

Close by, Rebekah explains to Stefan why she wants the cure and that her tough exterior is simply a front. "Being a vampire is miserable. I will give anything to be human," she says. Stefan also reveals that he too wants the cure, but not to be with Elena like everyone thinks, but for himself.

Of course, all of these discussions mean nothing if the group can't successfully locate the potion, which seems like the most likely of outcomes given the divide. Jeremy has gone missing and Bonnie's locator spell leads her to him, who's captured, all a part of Shane's plan. Shane, who's also stolen the headstone needed for everything to come together, has all the moving parts in place with his witch, the stone and his hunter. Damon, meanwhile, has wandered off and accidently winds up in the fighting arms of another hunter, leaving the unlikely trio teased here of Stefan, Rebekah and Elena to work together. With Rebekah unsure of whether she can trust them, Elena offers up the biggest bargaining chip — the white oak dagger.

"Us three are here, this is all we've got," Elena says. "So we're either in this together or it's over for all of us."

Will Elena, Stefan and Rebekah beat Shane to the cure by using alternative methods to find it? Will Damon escape from Vaughn? And has Klaus and Caroline's "relationship" forever been changed? Tune in next week as the search for the cure continues. In the meantime, comment below!