Charlie Brown, Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet Charlie Brown, Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet

Whether you want to stay in with your girls and crack open a couple bottles of red, enjoy a no-frills night with the one you love, or turn your back on Cupid altogether — we've got the perfect Valentine's Day viewers' guide. Whatever kind of person you are, check out our list below to see what to watch on your V-Day — or anti-V-Day.

Read through and tell us which one you are!

You're Dating-Challenged
Wingman, Fine Living Network
-Saturday, Feb. 14: Marathon starting at 2 pm/ET

  • Learn dating do's and don'ts by watching fellow singles pick up some game.

You're All About Baking Yummies
The Martha Stewart Show
-Friday, Feb. 13: Check local listings

  • Show off your culinary skills by learning how to whip up Chocolate Beet Cakes with Candied Rose Petals with Martha. Or maybe leave out the beets — who eats healthy on V-Day?

You're Into Foreign Flicks
Double Feature: Paris, Je T'aime and Toi et Moi, Sundance
-Saturday, Feb. 14: 10 pm & 12 am/ET

  • Cozy up on the couch with your amore as you take in two French films that explore love in The City of Lights.

You're the Scrapbooking Nostalgic Type
Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown and A Charlie Brown Valentine, ABC
- Saturday Feb. 14: 8 pm & 8:30 pm/ET

  • Nothing like the Peanuts gang to bring back sweet memories of your 4th grade crush giving you that card. So what if the teacher required Valentines for everyone? It still counts.

You're Married and Over Celebrating Silly Little Holidays
Married...With Children, Spike
-Saturday, Feb. 14: Marathon starting at 1 pm/ET

  • If there's anything Al Bundy can teach us, it's...well, don't get married.

You're Single and Need Distraction
Lovers' Lane movie marathons, Lifetime
-Saturday Feb. 14th & Sunday Feb. 15: All day

  • Nothing can keep you glued to a couch for 14 solid hours like a Lifetime marathon. (Note: Make sure the delivery guy knows to show up during the commercial breaks.)

You've Recently Been Dumped
The St. Valentine's Day Massacre, History
-Saturday, Feb. 14: 9:30 pm/ET

  • Few things in the world that can mend a broken heart, but sometimes it works to visualize yourself firing a Tommy gun.

You're a Hopeless Romantic
William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Cinemax's WMAX
-Saturday, Feb. 14: 8 pm/ET

  • In your eyes, there is no love story more perfect than William Shakespeare's tale of two star-crossed lovers — not to be confused with Romeo Must Die, playing at the same time on Cinemax's @MAX.

You're Newly Engaged
My Fair Wedding Marathon, WeTV
-Saturday, Feb. 14: Marathon starting 1 pm/ET

  • Still on cloud nine from when he popped the question? Watching a celebrity party planner give weddings a platinum makeover will help you plan your big day...or make you sick at the expense.

You're Only in it for the Chocolate
Modern Marvels: Chocolate, History
-Friday, Feb. 13: 8 pm/ET

  • Who needs a man when you can take a tour of how that sweet goodness comes to be. Just's only hours until Feb. 15, when all that V-day chocolate goes for half price. 

You're Recently Divorced
40 Greatest Celebrity Divorces, VH1
-Saturday, Feb. 14: 9 pm & 10 pm/ET

  • Yes, divorces can be ugly. But at least no one's airing your dirty laundry on cable.

You're Convinced V-Day Is Just Another Money-Grubbing Holiday
Suze Orman Show, CNBC
-Saturday, Feb. 14, 9 pm/ET

  • Scoff at those V-day menus? Then stay in, and learn how to save your pennies. Be sure to dim the lights, though — electricity ain't cheap.

What will you be watching?