Paging Dr. Smolderholder!

If you've missed Ian Somerhalder's trademark smolder since The Vampire Diaries went off the air last year, we've got good news for you! Somerhalder just offered fans their first look at his new character, Dr. Luther Swann, on Netflix's upcoming vampire series V-Wars. And it's safe to say you're probably going to dig him just as much as Damon Salvatore.

The first photo of Swann is predictably bloody, but this time the blood's on Somerhalder's hands instead of dripping from his (fake) fangs. It makes sense given that he'll be playing a human doctor instead of a vamp in the series.

V-Wars, adapted from the print anthology series of the same name, tells the story of Dr. Luther Swann (Somerhalder), a doctor whose best friend, Michael Fayne (Adrian Holmes), is turned into a vampire by a mysterious disease. As the virus starts to spread, the world divides into humans and vampires, with Fayne rising in the ranks of vampire leadership. Swann, on the other hand, continues his research into the vampire virus, hoping to understand more about the disease and the new species it has created.

Netflix ordered V-Wars straight to series earlier this year, with a 10-episode order. No premiere date for the series has been announced yet.