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Tyler Evans (Logan Huffman), a whiny, rebellious teenager who is dating the Visitor Lisa (Laura Vandervoort), has made it much harder for his mom, Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell), to make a dent in the lizard people's plans. Huffman tells TVGuide.com that his character's demeanor is about to change and that he may in fact be the real hero of the series. Plus: What does Tyler have in common with Luke Skywalker?

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TVGuide.com: Lisa has been scheming to get closer to Tyler. It all seems to be building up to a huge moment for them.
Things are heating up. After this episode, things are going to seem pretty peachy, but Tyler is [living] a contradictory life. He's going to hop back and forth between things. There's something very special about Tyler and the Visitors want it. He doesn't know about that yet; he just sees a pretty girl that cares for him.

TVGuide.com: When you say there is something special about Tyler, does this have to do with the fact that he doesn't know who his real father is?
It's probably something like that. There is something special going on with him. To be honest, people don't realize it because it's right in front of their face, but Tyler is a hero. Have you read The Hero with a Thousand Faces? He's the only character that fits every criteria. Almost every famous character does not know who his father is. Luke Skywalker! Those characters have huge hearts, but not much of a brain, and through pain they gain a real soul.

TVGuide.com: Is there a chance that he'll join the resistance?
He'll have to fall down a lot first. Erica is putting him in great danger by joining the Fifth Column.

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TVGuide.com: Because of what lies ahead for him, should we worry about Tyler's safety?
Boy, the [critics] would love for my character to be in great danger. They all want me gone. People will get to know me and maybe they'll like me. He is in great danger, but what young hero isn't?

TVGuide.com: The Visitors have toyed around with the idea of mind control, but is Tyler being controlled by the Vs or is he doing this of his own free will?
He's just a kid with a big heart trying to make the world a better place. Tyler is the casualty of the times' choices. As a casualty he sees a glimmer of hope in the distance and runs towards it. When he finally gets to it, he realizes it's not the right decision.

What say you? Can you see Tyler as a hero?