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At least these Sony hacks were good for business for someone. On Monday, USA Network ordered to series Mr. Robot, a drama about an elite hacker caught between the criminal underground and cybersecurity firm he works for.

"Mr. Robot could not be more timely and relevant," USA Network president Chris McCumber said in a statement.

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The news also marks the return to television for Christian Slater, who joins the series as a mysterious anarchist named Mr. Robot who recruits young hackers for an underground collective. Slater has given television a try a number of times, but hasn't found much luck. Among his past projects are Mind Games,My Own Worst Enemy and Breaking In.

24's Rami Malek takes the lead role of Elliot, a programmer who battles his anti-social disorder by hacking them. Portia DoubledayCarly Chaikin (Subugatory's Dalia) and Martin Wallstrom also star.

10 episodes have been ordered for the 2015-2016 season.

Will Christian Slater finally break his TV curse with Mr. Robot?

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