Hopefully this isn't a harbinger of the week ahead, but I woke up this morning with a killer sore throat and a weather forecast calling for five consecutive days of rain. And to top it all off, my building's hot water has been shut off due to "emergency repairs." Ever take an ice-cold shower before? Not fun.

If it were any other Monday, I would have injested another six shots of Nyquil and crawled back into bed. But as you know, this is no normal Monday. Today marks the kickoff of upfront week and I am bound by oath to bring you as much scoop about the networks' new and returning shows as I can without killing myself.

First up is NBC, which unveils its fall sched at Radio City Music Hall today at 3 pm/ET. Among the announcements the Peacock will make: Scrubs will be back for a sixth season!

That's one down, two ( Veronica Mars, Everwood) to go. Think positive thoughts, people. And if you know a good sore-throat remedy, send it my way.