Question: Do you have any updates about Everwood?

Answer: Yeah, here's one: After screening the first two episodes of the season, Everwood has officially become my new favorite show. And yes, that includes Lost, Veronica Mars and (yikes!) Gilmore Girls. It's that good. I'd even go so far as to proclaim it my new Felicity. Seriously. (SPOILER ALERT) Now, while I won't give away which couple gets hitched in the opener, I will say I jumped to the wrong conclusion twice before the betrothed duo were finally revealed at around the 20-minute mark. Also, as exec producer Rina Mimoun teased in AA last month, there's a major twist concerning the new med student (Justin Baldoni) who Amy's crushing on. Oh, and just when I couldn't love the show anymore, Bright utters the following line to Ephram, who flew home from Europe to attend the big wedding: "Dude, I almost didn't go because of a Smurfs marathon." Now, either more industry people read AA than I ever knew, or this Smurf comeback is truly under way. Anyway, please follow Everwood to Thursdays at 9 pm beginning tomorrow. You won't regret it.