Life Unexpected Life Unexpected

Life gets even more unexpected for poor Cate (Shiri Appleby) when the CW's most sensitive drama Life Unexpected hosts one Hill of a crossover tonight at 9/8c. "We're doing this big music festival that Ryan's radio station is sponsoring, and Haley [Bethany Joy Galeotti] and Mia [Kate Voegele] from One Tree Hill will come to be a part of that," explains exec producer Liz Tigelaar, adding that the two shows — and their maternal leading ladies — are a perfect fit. "I realized Cate and Haley have almost identical back-stories — pregnant in high school by athletes named either Nate or Nathan, and both were valedictorians. I was like, 'What? How did our show even get on the air? This is insane!'"

Adding to the craziness will be a revelation that leads Cate to confide in her simpatico new friend and, of course, the crowded bill of musical acts set to perform at the festival that brought Hayles and Mia to town in the first place: Joining the OTH ladies will be Ben Lee, Rain Perry and Grammy-winning chanteuse Sarah McLachlan. "It's going to be a kick-ass episode," promises Tigelaar, who hopes to pump up the volume in future episodes. "We definitely want to have music be even more involved in the show as the season continues — without making it too Peach Pit After Dark." Not that a 90210 crossover wouldn't be music to our ears, too!

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