Season 3 of Under the Domefeatures some very strange bedfellows.

"Two characters who have been mortal enemies become grudging allies this season," creator Neal Baer tells "Grudging" may be putting it mildly. The pair he's referring to is none other than - brace yourselves - Big Jim (Dean Norris) and Julia (Rachelle Lefevre)! Say what now?

In case you don't recall, Julia and Big Jim's last encounter in Season 2 involved Julia stabbing Big J in the foot in order to escape from the cabin where he was trying to make her another victim of his murderous rampage. But they'll have a huge reason to set aside their differences this season, according to Baer. "Julia and Big Jim become - I wouldn't say bosom buddies, but they certainly become allies against everyone," Baer says. "They unite against the enemy within. That's the theme of this season ... struggling to live under the dome and fight the enemy within. And it's not Big Jim."

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One of the catalysts for Julia and Big Jim's alignment will come with big revelations about who or what is behind the Dome. "Big Jim and Julia really come to terms where he says, 'You've always said the Dome was here to protect us. You've always had faith in the Dome. You're wrong,'" Baer teases. "And Julia comes to see that maybe Big Jim is right."

Under the Dome premieres Thursday at 9/8c on CBS.

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