Question: Umm... why can't I find anything to tell me when Veronica Mars is coming back?

Answer: Probably because you haven't been reading Ask Ausiello. It returns next Tuesday, and here's a major scoopbit straight from Mars' creator Rob Thomas: "Paul Rudd has agreed to play a big role in Episode 17. He'll play past-his-prime English rock star Desmond Fellowes, who is touring American college campuses. Piz, as part of his radio-station duties, will be his host. It'll play as sort of a My Favorite Year-style story. Naturally, this being Veronica Mars, Desmond's suitcase containing many essential items will go missing. Piz will ask Veronica for help." Also, Rob teases that "despite his on-screen death, Ed Begley will reappear during the Who-Killed-Dean-O'Dell mystery."