There's good news and bad news for fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and spinoff Angel. First, the good: Although it was announced at this fall's Television Critics Association press tour that, since Buffy is moving to UPN, there will be no more crossovers with the WB's Angel, TV Guide Online has learned that some of the series' stars will still interact. Now, here's the bad news: As the actors in question, Alexis Denisof and Alyson Hannigan, are a real-life item, we won't get to watch!

"I'll still be crossing over with Alyson," promises Denisof, laughing.

The pair met when the Maryland native's Angel character, scholarly Englishman Wesley Wyndham-Price, was introduced during the third season of Buffy, where Hannigan has played the title heroine's sidekick, winsome witch Willow Rosenberg, since the show's 1997 debut. Today, despite the fact that they no longer work together, they talk shop with the empathy of true insiders.

"We understand the difficulties [of the job] — and not even just as an actor understanding another actor's difficulties," offers Denisof. "We know the specifics of the two shows because we've both been on them. So when Alyson tells me whoever's bugging her that day, I know who she means, and the same for me."

Soon, the duo may have an even hotter topic to discuss: This season on Angel, much to the bespectacled heartthrob's delight, his on-camera affairs are going to rival his off-duty love life. "Yes," Denisof chuckles, "this year, Wesley's going to turn into a really big stud."