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As Ugly Betty wrapped up its final season, talked to series creator and executive producer Silvio Horta about the emotions behind shutting down a show after four years and what kind of finale he did and did not want to make.

(Once you've watched the episode, check back Thursday morning for our exclusive chat with Horta about the series finale.) How does it feel to be done?
Silvio Horta: Bittersweet at times, but good. What did you set out to accomplish with the series finale?
Horta: Primarily, I wanted it to be about Betty's journey, about Betty making it in her professional life, first and foremost, overcoming the obstacles in her past and really succeeding. For me, it was about seeing the end of one chapter and getting to an optimistic place where a new chapter was beginning.

Photo Gallery: Ugly Betty's fabulous fashions And what kind of romantic story were you aiming for?
Horta: I think with any TV show, the romantic angle is always what people really care about, but that was never the intent of this show. Were there a lot of tears shooting this episode?
Horta: Yes. It was really, really difficult. It's such an intense experience and everyone really loves each other. The very first cut I saw of the finale, I was like, "Wait, we need to pull the sobs," because there's so many real tears people were shedding in the episode. It's more effective when someone's fighting back tears as opposed to just crying all the time. And how are you dealing with the end?
Horta: It took awhile to hit me. It was in the last week or so where it really started to get me and it was very odd times; it was intense. It's been a big part of my life. You just grapple with it, a death of sorts, but without the death part.

Ugly Betty Poll: 73 Percent of voters want Betty and Daniel together Do you want to say anything to the Ugly Betty fans?
Horta: Especially as it's been coming to an end this season, the general consensus is that we've been making great stuff for the people. It's a great feeling to know we did something people respond to and love and we have such affection for, so thank you for keeping us on the air as long as you did.

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