Question: Please give me some scoop on Ugly Betty's Henry! He's not the main character getting killed off in a few weeks, is he?

Answer: I can neither confirm nor deny that Henry is the main character getting killed off. What I can confirm is that Henry and Betty get caught in a rather compromising (and elevated) position while attending a performance of Wicked in tomorrow's episode. BTW, I love Wicked. I also love Ugly Betty. But the two of them together? Not so much. I don't know what motivated this piece of blatant product placement does Disney own a stake in Wicked? but nothing throws a show's rhythm off like pausing every five minutes for a production number from a random Broadway show. It's a shame, too, 'cause Betty has been on a roll this season. The first batch of episodes have been among the most well-written, well-acted and all-out entertaining hours this show has ever produced. Maybe that's why this week's episode stuck out like such a painfully sore thumb.