Amber Tamblyn Amber Tamblyn

Charlie Harper lives... sort of.

Amber Tamblyn made her debut on Thursday's Season 11 premiere of Two and a Half Men as Jenny, the previously unknown daughter of Charlie (Charlie Sheen), who comes a-knocking at Walden (Ashton Kutcher) and Alan's (Jon Cryer) beach house — and the apple definitely doesn't fall far from the tree.

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Like her late pops, Jenny is all about booze, babes and bacchanalian adventures, and Tamblyn plays her with a brash cheekiness — not to mention a New York accent that disappears after a minute. Jenny arrives hungover and chases aspirin with vodka, just to drive the point home even more. "I hate the sun. It's like God calling you an alcoholic," she says.A product of a one-night stand at a bar bathroom, Jenny hadn't seen Charlie since her 4th birthday, but had received monthly checks from him since, much to Alan's chagrin. After dropping out of med school (which she just attended to write herself prescriptions for Oxycontin), she's now in L.A. to pursue acting and to see where her dad lived. "I heard he was a drunken manwhore," she says.

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Though she has plans to stay with a friend, Jenny relents and "joins the family" after Evelyn (Holland Taylor) and Alan convince her to be part of their lives. "If I'm going to be a part of this family, I'm going to need a drink," she says. At the bar, she seemingly plays wingman for Walden, but, of course, when they get home, it's Jenny who's hooking up with the waitress... in Charlie's bedroom. (Eww!)Walden: "What just happened?"Evelyn: "Charlie's back."And how can we forget Jenny's morning-after line about their night: "Oh, yeah. I'm surprised I can even talk." [cue mouth stretch]What did you think of Jenny? Is she too much like Charlie or not enough? Or would you rather have the half man back?(Full disclosure: is owned by CBS.)