Twin babies have a conversation Twin babies have a conversation

This video of twin toddlers engaging in what sounds like a preverbal debate has set the Internet cooing and scrambling to decode exactly what these babies are saying to each other. In an ABC News story that ran last night, the conclusion was that they aren't saying anything, but they are still communicating. University of Memphis linguist D. Kimbrough Oller suggests that "they're communicating about perhaps the fun of having a conversation," which is a really meta concept for 17-month-olds to be exploring — or 17-year-olds, for that matter.

Anyway, all signs point to them exhibiting the wonderful weirdness of twins doing the secret-language thing (aka idioglossia). They may not be talking in actual sentences, but it's clear that one has strong feelings about the hardwood floor, and the other is prone to sass as he repeatedly does the universal "talk to the hand" sign. We see careers in interior design and reality TV, respectively, in their distant futures.

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For their immediate future, their mom who writes the semi-anonymous Twin Mama Rama blog, reports, "We are taking a moment to breathe before deciding how far to let this 15 minutes go." Little does she know that it is the 15 minutes that decides how far you go. If nothing else, this brush with Internet fame will give these children something to discuss, once they can actually speak.