Madchen Amick played one of the most memorable waitresses of all time during her turn as Shelly Johnson on the wonderfully strange Twin Peaks, but don't expect her to have the same look when the series returns — this time for Showtime.

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As she tells in this video, she came to work every day bundled up in a big coat in order to keep super curious fans (who the cast loves, by the way) from discovering secrets about the series. "You don't want to give it away," she says. "Some of the characters aren't where you think they might be 25 years later."

While we don't know much about David Lynch's revived series — other than the fact that it may incorporate donuts — Amick promises something groundbreaking, again. "We broke the mold for television," she said. "We're about to break it again."

Twin Peaks comes to Showtime in 2017.

(Full disclosure: Showtime is owned by CBS,'s parent company.)