On my way to work this morning, stuck in the subway because of yet another delay, my train of thought went like this: I'm sitting here like a duck in a smelly subway car and the guy next to me won't move over or stop rustling his newspaper in my face. Why do I subject myself to this every day, cramming myself on public transportation like a sardine? Why do I live in New York City? Why do I pay all this money to live in a space - with two other friends - that probably equals the square footage of someone else's garage? I need air. I need room. Moving into a tiny space with people is not a good idea. Even Barney thinks so.

If you didn't see How I Met Your Mother last night, you truly missed out on some great comedy (see our HIMYM blog for details). With Ted moving into Robin's place came spontaneity and excitement, but also issues they didn't consider. Where will Ted put all his stuff? Why doesn't Robin want his TV in the bedroom? Watch your feet, Ted, Robin eats on that table. And just like that, moving in didn't seem like such a good idea anymore.

This got me thinking about other TV move-ins (not necessarily couple-related) that weren't the best ideas, and provided funny, sad and awkward moments between some of my favorite characters.

Carrie and Aidan on Sex and the City
Bad, bad, bad idea. When Aidan's stuff was piled up to the ceiling and Carrie couldn't even get her front door open, it was clear this wasn't going to work. It was more like an invasion than a union.

Felicity and Ben on Felicity
Remember that dirty old apartment they rented at the end of the series? And the neighbor who needed to use their bathtub? That was a red flag right there.

Phoebe and Monica on Friends
When Phoebe and Rachel had to temporarily move out of their apartment because of a fire, Phoebe moved back into her old room at Monica's, but I guess she forgot why she moved out in the first place (secretly, one piece of furniture at a time, so Monica wouldn't notice). No cookies in bed! Eat over the sink! Crumbs are unacceptable.

Bridget and Brian on What About Brian
Anyone watching this show knows that Bridget moving out was a recent development and very necessary. Two hot neighbors, a bean-bag chair and zero bedroom action tore these two apart.

Callie and George on Grey's Anatomy
They're living in a hotel and ordering room service every night - that muddies up the idea of "home" in the first place. And maybe their rocky married life isn't due to close quarters but rather to Izzie. Even so, I still put this one on the list, because maybe they shouldn't be together at all.

Any move-ins gone wrong on your favorite shows? It's funny how things can change when you share a mailbox with someone and all their little quirks rise to the surface and settle like dust on the table you're not supposed to put your feet on. Sorry, Ted, Barney was right. Then again, isn't he always?