As television networks scramble to remove any inappropriate programming content related to Tuesday's deadly terrorist attacks, HBO is admitting that it dropped the ball when it came to Sunday night's broadcast of the 1994 action flick Drop Zone. The film stars Wesley Snipes as a U.S. Marshall thwarting a international drug plot. One scene features a brutal hijacking of a commercial airliner.

"This one obviously was missed," an HBO rep sighs to TV Guide Online. "We have pulled 11 movies so far from HBO and Cinemax channels. We apologize that we overlooked this one. The people in scheduling are in the process of still pulling other programs from the schedule for the upcoming weeks. I guess there are so many to go through and screen."

Last week, HBO made the decision to yank print and on-air promotions for its World War II epic Band of Brothers. However, the 10-part Sunday series has not been interrupted.

Some other post-attack reshuffling: The pilot for CBS's upcoming CIA drama, The Agency — scheduled to air Thursday, Sept. 27 — contains a reference to Osama bin Laden as the mastermind of a plot to blow up Harrods department store in London. Variety quotes insiders as saying it's "unlikely" the episode would air as is — if at all. An Agency spokesperson was unavailable for comment.

Over at Fox, there's some question as to whether the pilot episode of the groundbreaking drama 24 will undergo some tinkering. In the installment, slated to run Oct. 30, a terrorist blows up a plane. "This is a day-to-day process," a Fox rep responds. "As of now, the only thing affected are [that] the promos [for the show] have not been running."

"Fox clearly has a delicate and tricky situation on its hands," notes TV Guide critic Matt Roush of 24's climactic scene. "It has a very well-executed thriller to present and promote, but given what just happened, Fox and the producers have a tough call to make when it comes to respecting the sensitivities of its audience."