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The Week in Superlatives: Coolest Cameo, Saltiest Twist, and the Worst Day for Dog Lovers

The best and worst moments on TV this week

Amanda Bell

It's been a relatively tame and abbreviated week on the TV front, but we're here to celebrate the most exciting events that happened, with some shiny, albeit completely meaningless, prizes.

The surprise standout: Game of Thrones fans got a major bonus this weekend, as HBO delivered its documentary The Last Watch on Sunday to take fans behind the scenes of production on the last season. And while there were some emotional moments that were expected, like seeing Kit Harington's reaction to Daenerys' fate, the absolute star of the show was Andrew McClay, a faithful House Stark extra who'd slyly been around for most of the battle action and became something of a celebrity on the show's set, even if no one knew his name before now.

Saltiest twist: The second season finale of Good Girls ended with Beth (Christina Hendricks) being forced to make a choice: end Agent Turner (James Lesure) and rid herself of the FBI trailer that's been behind her all this time or turn her gun on Rio (Manny Montana) for all the times he's put her in these winless positions. This time, she opted for the latter, and while that might've seemed like a noble, and maybe even smart decision, it doesn't appear it will pay off. After Beth was told to leave, the detective turned to the bleeding Rio and struck up a cooperation deal right then and there. This could get very ugly for her. Again.

Most necessary viewing: When They See Us, Ava DuVernay's cinematic re-telling of the wrongful rape and assault conviction of five teenage New Yorkers in 1989, hurts to watch. Painting the five teens accused of a crime they didn't commit as whole people with dreams, families, wounds and shattered lives, the four-part series walks viewers through the kids' forced confessions, sham trials, and imprisonment in spite of no evidence linking them to the crime. It will rip your heart out, just like it should.

Feistiest weatherman: On Monday, a series of devastating tornado storms ripped through southern Ohio, and when one local weatherman received complaints on social media that his emergency coverage interrupted ABC's airing of The Bachelorette, he went off. It was an important reminder that sometimes entertainment has to take a backseat to safety, no matter how many terribly dressed suitors you wanna see on the show.

Worst day for pet lovers: The consequences of disaster that have been unfolding onChernobylhave been excruciating to behold, particularly since we know that thousands of people really did die as a result of that terrifying catastrophe. This week's episode was particularly brutal, however, because it centered on a pair of soldiers being sent out to execute abandoned animals who had likely been infected with radiation poisoning and needed to die for the greater good. The scenes offer an important lens for the small-scale traumas that this incident inspired, but it was still shattering to hear every one of those shots ring out through the barren countryside.

The drop-everything press conference: Most Americans have never heard a single word come out of Robert Mueller's mouth, as the outgoing Special Counsel has been notoriously silent save for his official report on the Russian hack of the 2016 presidential election. So it was a jaw-dropping moment indeed when he finally showed up on-screen in a sudden press conference and spoke about his work and conclusions. No matter your takeaway from his findings, it was a monumental moment for the news, which had been using stock footage and photos of the guy for years before this speech.

Bitterest backstab: Killing Eve's Season 2 finale was a lot like the first -- only, instead of Eve (Sandra Oh) taking a stab at killing Villanelle (Jodie Comer), it's the femme fatale Villanelle who does the attacking, shooting Eve in the back for walking away from her instead of embracing a life of free-wheeling murder and mayhem. Whether Eve ever gets up from that injury remains to be seen, but if she does, the obsessive dynamic between herself and Villanelle is bound to get even messier.

The coolest cameo: Jordan Peele's The Twilight Zone reboot saved the best episode for last, as the season finale went full-on meta with an episode that relayed the challenges he himself faced in trying to live up to the original series, through the lens of another show writer, played by Zazie Beetz. The payoff to "Blurryman" is that the titular figure who has snuck into every episode of the season is actually a CGI-ed version of Rod Serling, coming to welcome her into the Twilight Zone, and his arrival to this new take is a spooky but welcome one, especially as she steps into the black-and-white set of one of the series' most iconic installments, "Time Enough at Last."

Best reason to break out your high school reading material: In adapting the book that was most definitely on your syllabus as a kid, the writers and producers of Catch-22 on Hulu have done an excellent job of elevating Joseph Heller's slick social commentary from the abstract into a watchable story. The tonal shifts are severe, but it was a risky move for them to try and breathe life into this narrative, and we are all reaping the reward.