Marcia Cross, who is expecting twins in April, was put on immediate bed rest last week for the remainder of her pregnancy, TV Guide has learned. The doctor's orders sent Desperate Housewives producers scrambling to wrap up Bree's current story line, ultimately deciding that if Cross can't come to the shoot, then the shoot will come to Cross. At the end of this week, they will move the production of the show to the actress' West Los Angeles home for two days. (Cross - whose TV alter ego isn't pregnant - had only planned on taping two more shows after the Feb. 11 episode because it was becoming too difficult to hide her growing bump.) While Cross is resting upstairs in bed, the

Housewives team will be downstairs transforming the home she moved into just months ago into a likeness of Bree's orderly abode. "They are painting the walls, moving in props and furniture from the set...," says a source from the set. "They're basically making Marcia's house into Bree's." To read more about this story, pick up the Jan. 22 issue of TV Guide magazine. Reporting by Mary Murphy