Abigail Spencer, <EM>Angela's Eyes</EM> Abigail Spencer, Angela's Eyes

If you have yet to witness Angela's Eyes and the beautiful human lie detector played on the Lifetimes series by Abigail Spencer, this Sunday (at 10 pm/ET) is the perfect time to get on board. As Angela deals with another tricky FBI case getting inside the head of a man she cannot see she is presented with an emotional whopper as well, a breast-cancer shocker from her semidubious mother, and just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. TVGuide.com asked Spencer for a primer.

TVGuide.com: Bring people up to speed on the show, on Angela's adventures to date.
Abigail Spencer: [Laughs] "The Misadventures of Angela Henson." When we started the show, Angela had been in the FBI for six months and is partnered up with a man named Leo, who we come to find out has a history of getting suspended because of anger issues. She also has a partner named Dozer who is the tech-head and is really vital in solving the crimes, but is also vital in that he's the only person who knows everything that Angela has gone through, that her parents have been incarcerated for 10 years as the biggest traitors in the history of the U.S. Over the past 10 episodes, Angela's brother, who believes in their parents' innocence, has been convincing her to visit them, and she is starting to develop a soft place for them.

TVGuide.com: She felt so betrayed by her parents' past lies that for her to even entertain the idea that they aren't guilty must be hard for her.
Spencer: It's a huge, huge, hurdle that she has to deal with. All the while she was dating a banker named Peter, but he dumped her because she is so messed up with being this "human lie detector."

TVGuide.com: She just can't shut the darn thing off!
Spencer: I know. It's sad that she can't turn it off when she goes home.

TVGuide.com: Now there is also speculation that Angela's boss, Gene, might have a closer relation to her than merely that of FBI supervisor?
Spencer: Well, in Episode 8, her mother confirmed that she and Gene dated before she got married to Angela's father, and Gene has the same blood type as Angela.... Meanwhile, Angela has kind of fallen in love with her mother's doctor, because he's so sweet and innocent, but it turns out that he's a bad guy working for Gene. The show always tries to fuse the personal, the family and the crime-drama parts into one.

TVGuide.com: What has been your favorite aspect to play?
Spencer: With everything being so dramatic, the most enjoyable thing for me is finding the light moments, those moments of love or hope. When you see Angela's heart and you see how hard everything is for her, it really endears me to the character. On the other hand, I really am completely playing a character who is nothing like me, which is an actor's dream. My friends are like, "I literally forget that it's you," and I'm happy about that.

TVGuide.com: Have the producers ever been tempted to pull a Ghost Whisperer and bring in the male viewers by having Angela go undercover at a strip club or the like?
Spencer: [Laughs] Well, I'm pitching them ideas all the time! The cool thing is, I think we can do anything. In Episode 9, she went undercover in a poker game and that was really fun. Here's a related experience I had: My husband was visiting me in Toronto, and we got invited to this club. Well, this girl at the front who looked like she was from a strip club looked us over and was like, "Um, just one second. You're going to have to wait"  and there's no one outside! I was so mad that I became Angela for a second: "You're lying to me! We're never coming here again!" If we get to come back for a second season, I would love to explore putting Angela in circumstances like that, so people can be like, "Oh, I hate when that happens."

TVGuide.com: This week's episode has Angela talking down a hijacker....
Spencer: Dozer calls Angela from an airplane's bathroom and says, "There's this passenger and I've seen all these 'tendencies,' things I've picked up from you, and I'm concerned." Angela thinks it's just stemming from Dozer's fear of flying, and she's wrong, so she has to deal with that guilt and find a way to talk to the guy through Dozer. Meanwhile, Angela finds out that her mother has breast cancer....

TVGuide.com: Which ties into Lifetime's "Stop Cancer for Life"/Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. Tell me what you're doing for that.
Spencer: Lifetime is a big supporter of all things women, including breast-cancer awareness, and it's personal for me because my mother-in-law is a survivor going on 13 years now, so Lifetime asked me to do a PSA. I also support a company my friend owns called Save the Ta-Tas, so she made a special shirt and five percent of all proceeds go to breast-cancer research.

TVGuide.com: What has knowing your mother-in-law taught you?
Spencer: I met her after she was well, but she kept a journal and a photo album and she walked me through her illness. When she was going through chemotherapy, she would walk around in those "Groucho Marx glasses" with the big nose and mustache, and she would smile and be the life of the party. Her message was that life is so much bigger than this and this is happening to me for a reason.

TVGuide.com: And Lifetime's message here is, "When your baby isn't being stolen by your husband's secret and psychopathic lover, go out and get a mammogram."
Spencer: Exactly! [Laughs] When you're not at home watching Lifetime, go out and get a mammogram.

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