Ernie Anastos Ernie Anastos

What is with New York City news anchors dropping f-bombs on live television?

While bantering with the weatherman on Fox's WNYW, longtime New York City news anchor Ernie Anastos jovially flubbed a line on Wednesday, creating a new obscene catchphrase rapidly spreading across the internet.

Anastos, who likely meant to say "Keep plucking that chicken," after making a play on an old chicken commercial, swapped the "pl" for a letter F. The news veteran remained oblivious to his flub and continued on with the broadcast as though nothing had happened. But his co-anchor's eyes nearly popped out of her head.

Watch the video flub below:
(Warning: Contains adult language ... obviously)

Anatos apologized during the following night's broadcast, saying he "misspoke" during the newscast.

The live news curse follows last year's debacle when another New York City anchor, WNBC's Sue Simmons, inadvertently dropped an f-bomb during a newscast teaser.