Meegan Warner and Jamie Bell Meegan Warner and Jamie Bell

Tensions between Abe Woodhull (Jamie Bell) and his father Richard (Kevin McNally) have reached a tipping point on AMC's TurnBut will Abe put his pride aside if his son's well-being is at stake?

On Sunday's episode, Abe's infant son Thomas has come down with "grippe" (the old-timey term for the flu), and his wife Mary (Meegan Warner) wants to move the family to Abe's father's house so Thomas can be kept warm and better cared for by the servants there. The idea doesn't sit well with Abe, who's still livid about his father ceding to Major Hewlett's (Burn Gorman) demands to turn the town's gravestones into a barricade in last week's episode.

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But if Abe has a weak spot, it's Thomas. "His son is always in the forefront of his mind, with every decision he makes," Bell told ahead of the show's premiere. "It's just not about you anymore. You have to provide for, care for and protect the thing most valuable to you."

Check out the exclusive sneak peek below to find out what Abe decides, and catch up on past episodes here.

Turn airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.