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Got a secret, but we cannot keep it. Not after talking to Pretty Little Liars executive producer Marlene King about the pretty little twists she's got up her sleeves. So text your besties and feast on these teases of what's coming up for our fib-dependent foursome.

Could Ian actually be "A"?

Not likely, but Spencer's skeevy new bro-in-law is an A-plus jerk. "The Liars now know what we the audience knows — that Alison was with Ian at the kissing rock. That he was the older boy," says King. "From there they're gonna start putting some pieces together and try to figure out what exactly happened to Alison on that night." While juggling that Scooby mystery, Spencer will also piece together a semblance of a love life. "She is going to find real love in these winter episodes, promises King. "And it is something we threw the dice on, coupling two characters who probably could not be more opposite. [But] their connection is amazing, and it's a really romantic storyline that's gonna develop for her. She gets a real boyfriend who is her own age!" As for who the lucky fella is, all King will say is that "It's not a new character... It's someone you've met."

Why do we have a feeling Jenna isn't so blind after all?

"You know, a lot of people have the feeling that Jenna can see," laughs the tight-lipped King, adding that the nasty neighbor isn't the only one who has people scratching their heads. "There are a couple of people who have a theory about Maya. That's something floating out there. But Maya's gonna come back."

How far is this Ezra-Aria thing gonna go?

Fret not, folks. Nobody's looking for a Skins-caliber scandal over the romance between the underage Aria and her dreamy teacher. "The relationship was established in the books by Sara [Shepard, who penned the PLL novels]," says King. "It was so important I think for her to convey that these two were soul mates — that they connected on a very romantic level, as opposed to a sexual level. And it's important for us to stay true to that, which I think we're doing." Next week, the couple sneaks off for their first real date, but King warns of trouble ahead. "Aria was established in the books as being the most mature. Sort of just a wise old soul," says the EP. "In the next couple episodes there's a maturity that she has that he does not possess. And it gonna sort of effect their relationship in this cycle."

Little Emily, happy at last?
The road to coming out of the closet hasn't been the sunniest for the poor girl, but even with Maya off at juvie, the clouds seem to be clearing. "In the first 10 episodes, Emily really didn't get that much happiness," says King. "In these next 12 episodes, she gets to smile more. She gets to have some fun. And there's an episode coming up — it's episode 119 — so you have a few weeks before you see it, and she has just a ball in this episode. It's so much fun to get to see her just come alive and really start to own her character."

Nia Peeples = Mommie Dearest?

"Nia is amazing, because she so is not Pam Fields in real life," says King of Em's tormented and, at times, awful mother. "The character of Pam Fields could not be more polar opposite of Nia Peeples. I think Pam Fields is very relatable to [some] kids and mothers out there, and it's a struggle that is hopefully just so real and we're gonna keep it real. Pam has a wonderful journey in these episodes. It lands at a place that's, I think, so lovely. We're very, very proud of that storyline."

And finally, what's up with Hannah's new man?

"Caleb is a bad boy," confirms King of upcoming cast addition Tyler Blackburn. "When he and Hanna first meet, sparks fly, but not toward each other, away from each other! They're both a little bit put off by the other." Look for that initial animosity to wear off quickly once the wise-ass of the group gets a load of the Dylan Walsh-ness of this newbie. "He's a very sexy bad boy. That's what I'll say. I think he's sort of the bad boy every girl probably wants to date at least once in her life."

OK, that's all for now. Check back here next week for some more scoop on the season. Until then, leave your comments below on all these goodies!

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