True Blood, Alexander Skarsgard, Stephen Moyer and Joe Manganiello True Blood, Alexander Skarsgard, Stephen Moyer and Joe Manganiello

As if Sookie (Anna Paquin) didn't have enough problems, True Blood's fourth season will see her in charge of a very vulnerable Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) after he loses his memory, the result of a run-in with some dangerous witches.

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Unaware of his past misdeeds, Eric is an entirely different vampire rediscovering the world.

"The old Eric is gone," Skarsgard says. "He's very innocent and naïve, and then he finds out who he is and what he's done in the past — Eric has done some pretty bad things in the past — and it's tough for him to digest that and to deal with that."

Fortunately for Team Eric fans, the softer side of the Fangtasia bar owner opens up new possibilities for him to explore with Sookie. "She sees Eric in a whole new way," Paquin says. "Sometimes it takes a slight shift in perspective for people to see what's right in front of them."

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The fourth Charlaine Harris novel also features Sookie and Eric becoming very close, like, in the biblical sense. Will the fourth season stay true to that? "If you know the books and you like the fourth book in the series, you won't be disappointed," executive producer Alan Ball says. "[In that book], they have a pretty hot hookup that goes on for a while, but all I'm saying is fans of Team Eric will be very happy this year."

Unfortunately, the same can't be said for Sookie and Bill (Stephen Moyer). After learning of Bill's deception — that he was working for Queen Sophie-Anne (Evan Rachel Wood) to get information on Sookie — the pair will not be on the road to recovery. "He is worried about her, but he ultimately realizes he has to take a step back in order to love her fully," Moyer says. "He's learned he has to be transparent with her. Ultimately, down the road, we'll see him give her space and be a grownup."

Before Team Bill fans revolt, Ball adds, "Sookie can't stay mad at him forever."

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On top of all that, Alcide (Joe Manganiello) returns in Episode 3, but their reunion isn't quite as warm. "Alcide's situation is a lot more complicated romantically, so I don't think he's had a change of heart so much as he wished things could've been a little different," Manganiello says. "There are some circumstantial things that the fans will find out about in the first few episodes, but had things gone differently, I think Alcide would've built that house for Sookie."

Now that Sookie's dating options are wide open, who would you really want to see her with? Hit the comments with your thoughts.