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Ding dong! The Guardian is dead!

True Blood bid farewell to Christopher Meloni on Sunday after Russell Edgington (Denis O'Hare) turned the tables on Vampire Authority Guardian Roman, staking him in the heart and seemingly driving a nail in the coffin of the mainstreaming movement, which has seen centuries-old vampires assimilate into the human world on the HBO series.

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How will Roman's death affect the war between the mainstreamers led by the supposedly devoted Authority and the ruthless Sanguinistas, who wouldn't hesitate to rip out your spine on live television and drink your blood for sport (Hello, Russell!)?

To get the scoop, turned to Deborah Ann Woll, who plays teenage vamp Jessica, who says Roman's death and the arrival of original vampire Lilith will impact the rest of the season. Plus: How will Jason (Ryan Kwanten) feel towards Jessica now that he knows vampires were the cause of his parents' death?

How will Roman's death change the war?
Deborah Ann Woll:
In the previous episodes, when Roman is walking around the table and he knows there's a traitor in his midst, it sort of looked like everybody thought it was going to be them. So I don't know how much our Authority members really believe in mainstreaming. Do they believe in it because they actually believe in it? Or do they believe in it because they were afraid of Roman? Or do they believe in it because it's what is vogue right now? We don't know where everyone's loyalties lie. In the aftermath of the death of Roman, we'll see more clearly who will fall where.

What will we see of war between the mainstreamers and the Sanguinistas?
The tension so far has been between the Guardian, who is so extremely mainstream that it's self-hating in a way, and the Sanguinistas, who are so extremely pro-vampire that it's elitist. We have people on both sides of the extremes and they're going to have to fight it out at some point. Then people like Jessica, who are really right down the middle, are going to get caught in the middle of all that.

While that war is building, so is the inevitable one between the vampires and the faeries. What can you tell us about how that is ramping up this season?
Right now the faeries are pretty safe. They have the portal to their club where they can stay away from vampires. We also know, we have Russell now, who appears to be stronger than we thought he was. He looks all weak at the hospital, but he was able to take down the Guardian of the Authority. We know how much he likes faeries and he likes faerie blood, so that's a strong adversary. He had Sookie's (Anna Paquin) blood and probably hasn't forgot about it.

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What interaction will Jessica have with Russell, if any?
A little bit, certainly her maker [Bill] is in the presence of Russell, and we'll see how long he lets Jessica stay home alone, particularly if there are big changes to come in the power structure. I think she's scared of [Russell]. He's made life very hard for her as a vampire. Here's this guy who was on television and killed a human being in a very violent manner and made the entire world very scared of who Jessica is. They're going to be on opposite sides.

We haven't seen a lot of Jessica and her maker Bill (Stephen Moyer) this season. What can you tell us about what's to come?
They'll have to connect at some point. He's in a very difficult situation with the different political power structures and he has to get his progeny involved to make sure she's not a liability in any way. He has to get that under control. I do think it's going to be more dangerous for her.

Considering Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) released Pam (Kristin Bauer), was there any worry in Jessica's mind that that might happen with Bill?
Oh, yes, and it doesn't necessarily just have to be a release thing either. He could just become a different person. Like they said, Bill's looking for something to believe in, and so far Jessica's been a good anchor for him. He's lost Sookie, he's lost his family, but he has this progeny that surprisingly he's very proud of and happy to have made. They really only have each other right now, and it would be devastating for either of them to find out that the other one isn't who they fought for.

Do you think the arrival of Lilith might affect Bill?
I think the arrival of Lilith is going to change everything. It's going to change everyone, and that certainly includes Bill, it includes Jessica, it includes Russell, it includes Jason. Yes, I think everybody's going to change with the arrival of such a strong, powerful icon. It'll be like the second coming of Christ, in a way. This powerful force is actually going to impact her life in a very real way.

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How will Jason feel towards Jessica now that he knows vampires killed his parents?
It's definitely confusing for him, because he also has strong feelings for Jess and there's an attraction there, but he's also discovering that the sexual side of his personality is something that has gotten him into a lot of trouble. Now he's finding out that his parents had to deal with a vampire, and now here's this vampire girl he's attracted to. It's all wrapped up in one as part of these negative parts of his life. It'll be hard for him to come to terms with.

Hoyt (Jim Parrack) was kidnapped in last Sunday's episode. Will she try to find him?
Woll: Yes, I think that even though Jessica doesn't really love Hoyt anymore, she certainly cares for him, she wants him to be happy in his life, and she certainly still feels protective of him. She doesn't want Tara (Rutina Wesley) to hurt him. It depends if Hoyt calls her, too. She can't find him if he doesn't let her know.

These supernatural killers have already killed shifters and vampires alike. Would Jessica risk her life for Hoyt?
She might. I imagine she feels sorry about how their relationship ended, but it might be an opportunity for her to make some amends. She's very alone right now. She doesn't have Bill, she doesn't have Jason really either to help her navigate these things. She still is very young. I mean we saw Tara was able to beat her up because Tara has more skills. Even if Jessica was older, Tara has more anger, more training.

Speaking of Tara, will she and Jessica be able to reconcile or is that the end of their short-lived friendship?
Woll: It's definitely strained, I'd say. I think Jessica's desperate for any kind of friend, just somebody who will understand her and listen to her. Jessica will probably fight to the ends of the earth to find someone to be her friend.

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