The DNC is trucking along, and the third night of the convention was probably the most highly anticipated yet. Democratic VP nominee Kamala Harris gave her acceptance speech, and we also got to see addresses from Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren. The late-night hosts, as they've been doing all week, weighed in with their thoughts, and though Stephen Colbert's Late Show is the only one doing live commentary each night, that didn't stop The Daily Show with Trevor Noah from offering a very important lesson to Harris' racist critics.

After showing a handful of clips of Republican pundits appearing all over TV to make claims that Harris isn't "Black enough," Noah gave them a history lesson on why, exactly, her Blackness shouldn't be up for debate. "Is she Black enough to get kicked out of a restaurant in the days of Jim Crow South?" Noah asked. Meanwhile, at the Late Show, Colbert offered his thoughts on both Harris' and Obama's speech, at one point getting emotional at just the sight of Obama and cheering, "He's really there, it's everything I miss! Obama, the Constitution, a president, haircuts!"

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See what else the late-night hosts had to say about night three of the DNC below.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah spared no prisoners ripping into conservative figures like Dinesh D'Souza, Rush Limbaugh, and more who have appeared on TV to claim that Harris "is not African American." He responded to D'Souza's comment that Harris is descended from "the plantation itself" rather than someone like Frederick Douglass, saying, "You know who was also the descendant of a slave owner? Frederick Douglass. So the guy you just tried to use as an example of someone who's super Black is also, by your metric, not black enough."

Noah went on to offer a lengthy explanation the so-called "one-drop rule," which asserts that someone is Black if they have even one Black ancestor. He also called out the way conservative media did the same thing to Obama until he actually got elected president. "Your Blackness as a person is never questioned in failure," Noah said. "But in success, it gets put under the microscope."

He offered one last mic drop at the end of his segment: "I guess that's the silver lining for you, Kamala. Fox News may be questioning your Blackness now, but best believe, the second you step foot into that White House with Joe Biden and you make a few decisions they don't like, trust me, you'll be Black as can be."

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Colbert kept the same high-energy commentary he's had all week as he broke down all the major speeches of the night, starting with Clinton, who he referred to more than once as "the winner of the 2016 popular vote." In response to Clinton's insistence that "America needs a president," Colbert provided his own interpretation of what she was saying: "Can any of you think of one? I can. Here's a hint, she's got two thumbs and bites them to keep from constantly screaming."

He also enthusiastically celebrated his own cameo at the convention when a clip of his 2019 interview with Nancy Pelosi was featured in her highlight reel. "I got more air time than AOC," Colbert said. "I'm part of American history because I spoke to Nancy Pelosi and I used to be able to sit within three feet of senior citizens!" He also couldn't get enough of Obama's speech, and even gave him a new nickname. "Remember No Drama Obama? Well, now he's Trash Talk Barack."

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Over at the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon went through the list speakers of the night and noticed a common theme of the lineup. "That's like Trump's entire list of enemies," he said. "The White House must have restrained him tonight like he was Hannibal Lecter." When talking about Clinton's speech, Fallon joked, "She was the only speaker to kick things off by slowly putting out a cigar and saying, 'well, well, well.'"