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Trevor Noah Predicts Joe Biden's Next Speech After Surprising Super Tuesday Results

He's ready for a Black Panther reference

Amanda Bell

Trevor Noah has a major prediction about what Americans can expect to hear next from Joe Biden after his massive and perhaps unexpected successes on Super Tuesday. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah went live on Tuesday night as the polls closed in 14 states across the country -- or, as Noah called it, "the big night when Democrats in 14 states across America will decide whether the Democratic nominee should be an old man or an even older man" -- and the late night host was stunned by how well the former vice president did across the map.

"Right now, black people are embracing Biden so hard I wouldn't be surprised if he rolls up to his next debate speech just like 'Wakanda for -- you know the thing, you know the thing,'" he said, referring to Black Panther's "Wakanda forever" salute while seemingly mocking one of Biden's latest speech gaffes.

Noah, who was reacting to the results live as they came in, said that Biden's firm footing in the Super Tuesday primaries was not what he expected based on the media narrative leading up to this week. "As it stands, it looks like this Super Tuesday is a lot more dramatic than previously anticipated. Because remember a few weeks ago? People were saying that Bernie [Sanders] was going to clean up. But then after Biden dominated South Carolina, he was neck and neck with Bernie."

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Noah then credited Biden's "new friends" with helping nudge him over that line, noting that the former vice president received night-before endorsements from some of his former rivals in the Democratic race -- notably, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and Beto O'Rourke. "Buttigieg came out to say Joe is the only one who can unite the party. Klobuchar came out to say Joe is the best choice for moderates. And Beto O'Rourke came out to remind people he still exists," Noah joked.

The late night host offered some thoughts on how the sitting president will respond to the topsy-turvy week in Democratic primary politics. "You don't have to be a genius to know the Democratic party right now is at a crossroads," said Noah. "On one side, you've got Bernie's revolution. On the other side, Biden's return to normalcy. Some people fear that this could become a rift that destroys the Democrats. And Donald Trump wants to do his part to make sure that happens."

Noah also had some crushing remarks for now-former candidate Michael Bloomberg, who dropped out of the presidential race on Wednesday morning after receiving an abysmal return on his financial investment in the primaries. "Just remember Mike Bloomberg has spent over half a billion dollars trying to win this nomination, but all that money seems to have bought him is people digging up skeletons from his past and the debates where Elizabeth Warren completely burned him to the ground," Noah said.

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