The sequel to Will Smith's Men in Black — currently in production and slated to bow July 4, 2002 — was to feature a rip-roaring special effects finale, set at the foot of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. Unfortunately, the destruction of the towers in last week's terrorist attack required director Barry Sonnenfeld to alter his climactic scene in the interest of good taste.

"It's so slightly different," Sonnenfeld tells TV Guide Online, denying talk of a major script rewrite. "The ending took place at the base of the World Trade Center and will now take place at some other New York icon, but we hadn't shot any of the ending."

MIB 2 was mostly filmed on location in Manhattan early this summer, while the rest is now being shot on a Los Angeles soundstage. Reveals Sonnenfeld: "[The finale] will be shot here against blue screen, so it just means shooting one background plate [in New York] instead of another. In fact, the original version was written to take place at the base of the Chrysler Building, and I thought the World Trade Center would be neater. But it's not like [the terrorism] in any way affects what we're doing or what we did."

While MIB 2 may not have been affected (much), another Sonnenfeld film — the Tim Allen crime caper Big Trouble — couldn't premiere last Friday as planned, due to a bombing-related storyline. Clearly nervous about terrorism's wider implications for showbiz, the director will only venture: "Last week was incredibly scary and horrible and frightening. But I have no idea [how it will affect show business]. Anyone who says they know what will happen with Hollywood is wrong. Whatever the experts say, you can go the other way."