Toy Story 3 Toy Story 3

Lately, it feels as though 2014 will be defined as The Year Everyone Ran Out of New Ideas. With reboots and remakes happening left and right, it comes as no surprise that Pixar is bringing back Woody and Buzz for yet another Toy Story film.

According to VarietyJohn Lasseter will return to direct Toy Story 4 with an anticipated June 16, 2017, release. Rashida Jones and Will McCormack (who wroteCeleste and Jesse Forever together) will write the script, with Pixar's Galyn Susman producing. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen will both reprise their voice roles as Andy's favorite toys and unlikely best friends.

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But four years after Toy Story 3 and 19 years after the original film's release, isn't it time to just let the franchise go? Or at least give viewers enough time to actually miss it. Even Lasseter acknowledged in a statement that Toy Story 3 ended "so perfectly" — with Andy passing down the toys to a new owner — that "we never even talked about doing another Toy Story movie."

But after brainstorming a new idea with Andrew Stanton, Pete Doctor and Lee Unkrich, Lasseter said, "I just could not stop thinking about it. It was so exciting to me, I knew we had to make this movie — and I wanted to direct it myself."

If it's any consolation, maybe Toy Story 4 will finally give us the answer to what's up with Andy's mom.

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