Tori Spelling Tori Spelling

90210 fans were crushed to learn Tuesday night that David and Donna separated shortly after the birth of their daughter, Ruby. Despite the disheartened diehards, Tori Spelling stands behind the storyline.

"It was something we discussed, the producers and I, and I thought it was real," Spelling told at Oxygen Network's fall TV previews on Wednesday in New York City. "There's just a real storyline there. What happens when a couple of high school sweethearts grow up and become adults, and parents, and have different career paths? Sometimes you kind of move away from each other."

But separated doesn't necessarily mean divorce is in the cards. "We'll see what happens," said Spelling. "I know the audience loves David and Donna together and hopefully it will all work out."

 How does Spelling's real-life hubby feel about the Donna-David split? "I was thrilled," joked Dean McDermott, who was by his wife's side during the Oxygen event.

In addition to her 90210 guest role, the wife and mother of two has kept busy with several upcoming projects for Oxygen, including a makeover pilot, a movie of the week and a webisode series based on her new book Mommywood. The couple is also gearing up for a fourth season of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood (premieres Tuesday, May 26, 10 pm/ET).

Are you mourning the death of Donna and David's blissful union? Or did you like Donna solo on 90210?

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