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This week, Stephen Colbert shared his survival tips (with the help of a bear), and Peter Pan herselfAllison Williams, taught Jimmy Fallon how to fly. A golden retriever gave what might be the worst performance ever during an agility test, while a dog named Argus struggled in vain to achieve his life goal — snagging a tater tot off the counter. Also, Sam Smith prepped for his debut performance at the American Music Awards, and Evan Rachel Wood imagined what Big would have looked like if it was about a female character. Check out those clips and more in our weekly roundup of the best online videos:

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Stephen Colbert's survival tips: Stephen Colbert hilariously skewers Good Morning America's "survival tips" segment for sweeps by offering a few pointers of his own on The Colbert Report.

Argus vs. Tater Tot: The struggle is real for Argus, a Hungarian vizsla who just wants to get his paws on a tater tot that's so close, yet so far away.

Golden Retriever fails agility test: No shame, no remorse. That's the life motto for this golden retriever, who fails to complete an agility test in stunning (and adorable) fashion. Its owner, on the other hand, is probably singing a different tune.

Allison Williams teaches Jimmy Fallon to fly: He can fly! During a recent visit to The Tonight Show, Allison Williams offered Jimmy Fallon a hands-on lesson about the aerial skills she's acquired in rehearsals NBC's upcoming live-action musical Peter Pan Live.

Sam Smith previews the American Music Awards: British breakout Sam Smith is one of the artists performing at Sunday's American Music Awards (8/7c, ABC). Here, he teases what's in store with Music Choice:

Peanuts trailer: The Thanksgiving Day parade isn't the only place you can see Snoopy and Charlie Brown this month. The trailer for the upcoming Peanuts movie (which is set to be released next year) was leaked online this week by Snoopy himself. Check it out here:

Big with Evan Rachel Wood: What would have happened if the character played by Tom Hanks in Big had been written as a girl instead of a boy? Allow Evan Rachel Wood to demonstrate:

 What were your top videos of the week? Did we miss any?