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During Sunday's Academy Awards, we often found ourselves more amused by what people were tweeting about the show, than the show itself. There was a lot to discuss, you know? Angelina's leg! The overzealous number of montages! Adam Sandler's sweatsuit! So we've compiled a list of our favorite tweets of the evening.  Share your favorites in the comments below.

1. @LisaLampanelli:  "Sandy Bullock — her cheeks have had more injections that the Walgreens Flu clinic. "

2. @RyanSeacrest: "My mom always told me to pack two jackets for red carpets, always wondered why. Now I know."

3. @GwynethPaltrow: "Dude. Seriously. I love my life."

4. @KellyOxford (blogger): "Putting the Twilight clip into that montage was the most successful joke of the night. "

5. @MrJoshCharles: "I feel the same about JLo's nipple. RT @TVGuide: An impressive Cirque du Soleil perf. Not totally relevant to the #Oscars, but we'll take it."

6. @Jezebel_Tracie: (Tracie Egan Morrissey, Jezebel): "The dog from The Artist and Angelina Jolie are gonna go to some parties, let loose, and lift their legs."

7. @SteveMartinToGo: "I swear, if I don't win an Oscar this year, it will be like every other year."

8. @PiersMorgan: "'Wow, I didn't expect this!' says the 3,456th Hugo winner of the night. #Oscars"

9. @DannyZuker (executive producer, Modern Family): " 'These have got to be the worst Oscars ever, am I right?!' - James Franco"

10. @WhitneyCummings: "Did Cameron and j.lo fall on baby oil"

11. @AntDerosa (Anthony DeRosa, Reuters): "Emma Stone's stylist moonlights as a gift wrapper."

12. @AlecBaldwin: "I am officially announcing that I am re-making THE ARTIST with sound."

13. @NormMacdonald: "I know George Clooney is famous for his practical jokes but he went a little far with The Descendants."

14. @CapriceCrane (screenwriter): "George Clooney and Brad Pitt both lost. They will cry themselves to sleep atop their hot women & piles of money."

15. @RealJeffreyRoss: "If this ceremony goes on much longer they'll have to cut to Christopher Plummer during the in memorium. "

16. @JennyJohnsonHi5 (TV producer): "'Angelina Jolie is better than you.' -Angelina Jolie #Oscars"

17. @RichardDreyfuss: "The Descendants is a wonderful film that asks us to believe that someone would ever cheat on George Clooney with Matthew Lillard."

18. @Mbyhoff (Mike Byhoff, Yahoo!): "Adam Sandler nominated for 12 razzies talks about the earnestness of film while wearing sweatpants."

19. @MichaelIanBlack: "The Oscars have been on so long, a few more people probably died. (Somebody check on Mickey Rooney.)"

20. @KateWalsh: "...dear Hollywood actresses, stop f---ing up your faces, it's looking [like] the the bar scene in Star Wars."