Tony Siragusa Tony Siragusa

Fox on-field analyst Tony Siragusa owns five restaurants in his native New Jersey and helps design home entertainment meccas on his DIY Network series Man Caves. The retired NFL nose tackle also wears a Super Bowl ring, courtesy of his key role on the 2000 Baltimore Ravens. So, we figured the Goose would be the perfect guy to plan the ultimate Super Bowl party — and we were right. Here's how to throw a bodacious bash:

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Ask for help.
"Talk to somebody you know whose party was successful. You don't want to be having any raffles or playing pin the tail on the donkey. You'll be a laughingstock. It really is simple. Just do what people like. People like to drink, and people like to eat."

Prepare the man cave. "First thing I do is put ScotchGard down on the floor before people get there. You need a nice area with beanbags and chairs — you've got to be comfortable. But the No. 1 thing has to be your TV. You need high-def. The bigger your TV, the more you're going to see."

Start early. "It's Super Bowl Sunday — and Sunday starts at midnight and goes until midnight. You've got to fill the whole day with activities. It's pretty cool to have a touch football game in the morning with the kids and the wives."

Represent. "One rule: Everybody has to represent one of the teams, whether with a jersey or a color. Why you do this is, let's say you pick Green Bay, and halfway through, Green Bay's getting killed. You can't jump to the other side because you're wearing that color."

Dress down. "You don't ever get dressed up to go to a Super Bowl party. You wear sweats, a nice pair of comfortable jeans, and a jersey or a relaxing shirt. It's no fun when you go to a party and everyone's got on a sportscoat."

Be hungry. "I went to a couple parties that only had chips, and I said, 'That's not a party." You've got to have hot finger food. You've got to have baked pizza bagels and wings."

Really hungry. "That's the first quarter. In the second quarter you pull out the meatballs. At halftime, you've gotta have macaroni — period. You've got to carbo-load for the second half!"

Like, seriously hungry. "Third quarter, grill up a nice pork chop, so people can get a little protein. If I'm watching the game, I'm not eating sushi. And you've gotta have hot dogs in blankets."

Pay attention. "If you don't want to watch the game, go upstairs. If you're not watching the game, you're out. You know what I'm saying?"

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