The Belmont Stakes The Belmont Stakes

Belmont Stakes
5:30/4:30c ABC
The elusive Triple Crown is not on the line, but that won't diminish the stakes for a dozen top 3-year-olds and their connections in the 142nd mile-and-a-half journey around New York's Belmont Park. Kentucky Derby runner-up Ice Box and Preakness runner-up First Dude lead the way, looking to make big strides in the yearlong race for top 3-year-old. Ice Box is joined by Fly Down in a threatening duo trained by New Yorker Nick Zito, whose two Belmont winners (Birdstone, Da' Tara) have spoiled the last two Triple Crown bids, in 2004 and 2008. Training history would be made if Make Music for Me (fourth in the Derby) hits the finish first, making Alexis Barba the first female trainer of a Triple Crown race winner. — Roger Leister

Doctor Who
9/8c BBC America
As the owner of a time machine, how could you ever have an excuse for running late to appointments? Couldn't you just restart the clock and show up on time? And how could you justify not having enough time for your close friends and companions? The Doctor doesn't do the "Time Lord" name any favors when he pops back into Amy's life after staying out of it for five years. — Michael Chant

Princess of Mars

9/8c Syfy
Edgar Rice Burroughs, the author who gave pop culture the jungle hero known as Tarzan, also penned a series of novels set on the red planet. The first Barsoom book shares its name with this 2009 adaption, which finds a war vet (Antonio Sabato Jr.) inexplicably transported to Mars amid a conflict between two alien races. Noted thespian Traci Lords plays the titular damsel in distress. — Michael Chant

District 9

9/8c Starz
This ambitious, intriguing and original sci-fi piece examines the plight of extraterrestrial visitors-refugees to Earth who are being warehoused by a private firm in an internment camp in South Africa. Meanwhile, a field operative (Sharlto Copley) who's been exposed to alien biotechnology seeks refuge among the ETs. The 2009 film, directed by Neill Blomkamp and coproduced by Peter Jackson of Lord of the Rings fame, is rated R for strong language and violence. — Ray Stackhouse

Freshman Father
9/8c Hallmark
Drew Seeley stars in this 2010 original movie about a Harvard freshman who takes a crash course in parenting. Seeley's character, John Patton, becomes a single father when his high-school sweetheart leaves him and their young son. Forced to balance taking care of a baby and his studies at Harvard, John leans on a friendly psychic (played by Annie Potts) for advice, support and a place to stay, while also contending with a dean at the school who is anxious to see him fail. — Brie Hearn

Toy Story
7/6c ABC Family
This outstanding 1995 comedy, which was the first feature film animated entirely by computer, takes a sneak peek at the secret life of a child's playthings. Things are good for the toys in Andy's room, particularly a cowboy named Woody (voice of Tom Hanks), who is the group's undisputed leader. That changes, however, when Andy receives a flashy new action figure, space ranger Buzz Lightyear (voice of Tim Allen). Although a rivalry develops between Woody and Buzz almost instantly, they must pull together when they become trapped in the next-door neighbor's house, where a sadistic boy likes to torture toys and turn them into frightening mutants. Others in the voice cast include Don Rickles and John Ratzenberger. Rated G.