Heroes Heroes

9/8c NBC
The latest chapter of the drama wraps up as everyone bands together to take down this season's resident baddie, Samuel, and his Carnival. The final showdown finds Peter joining forces with an unlikely partner to come to Emma's rescue. Claire and Noah, meanwhile, spend some quality father-daughter time as they try to escape from their underground prison before the oxygen runs out. — Brie Hearn

How I Met Your Mother

8/7c CBS
Last week, Jim Nantz appeared to talk to Barney about his perfect week — seven different women in seven days — in an episode that also included a cameo by New York Yankee Nick Swisher. Nantz is back in the game, along with former QB Phil Simms, to provide voice-over commentary on Barney's dating life. In other dating news, Lily and Marshall try to find Ted a blind date for Valentine's Day. — Bill Ecklund

8/7c Fox
Wilson has had an episode of his own this season, and Foreman took center stage last week (though House certainly horned in). And tonight it's Cuddy's turn. The dean of medicine (Lisa Edelstein) gets full day-in-the-life honors, and, not surprisingly, it's a tense and hectic day. It won't spoil anything to say that it ends well, but before it does Cuddy must deal with, among other things, arrogant insurance execs, an ER turf war and daughter Rachel's fever. Not to mention House. — Paul Droesch

The Black List: Volume Three
8:30/7:30c HBO
Judging by the critical acclaim of the first two installments of The Black List, it's clear that a third round of interviews with influential black Americans was in order. Fortunately, the film project's collaborators, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders and Elvis Mitchell, don't disappoint with this 2010 effort, which includes remarks from BET CEO Debra Lee, actor Whoopi Goldberg, singer John Legend, United Negro College Fund president Michael Lomax, model Beverly Johnson and filmmaker Lee Daniels. — Joe Friedrich

Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp
9/8c VH1
The seventh season of the Hollywood-centric weight-loss competition kicks off by introducing the new contestants, including rapper-dancer (and ex-husband of Britney Spears) Kevin Federline and actress Shar Jackson — who also happens to be K-Fed's ex-fiancée and the mom of two of his kids. Although those two could provide a season's worth of high drama all by themselves, we can also expect entertainment from R&B singer Bobby Brown; actress Nicole Eggert; former Skid Row front man Sebastian Bach; actress KayCee Stroh; fashion designer Jay McCarroll; and Tanisha Thomas of "Bad Girls Club." — Angela Dalecki