Desperate Housewives Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives
9/8c ABC
The way things are going, the Susan-Katherine catfight (er, gunfight) might come to rival the Hundred Years War — and don't look for a letup tonight. Don't expect last week's encounter with that tut-tutting motel maid to send Bree back to Orson, either, no matter how much of an affection-begging puppy he has been lately. But do expect to learn a little something more about the mysterious Bolens. And if you thought that Gaby was a bad mom last week, you ain't seen nothin' yet. — Paul Droesch

Mad Men
10/9c AMC
Don gets hot under the collar when buttoned-down Lane, the corporate hotshot from England, shoots down his most able and impressive choice to run the art department after the departure of Sal Romano, and Pete, who's been fluctuating about the direction of his career at Sterling Cooper, finally makes a pivotal decision. On the romantic front, Peggy may be looking for love in all the wrong places and most definitely should be questioning her taste in possible suitors. — Ray Stackhouse

Masterpiece Contemporary
9/8c PBS
Juliet Stevenson turns in a stellar performance in "Place of Execution," a gripping mystery about a workaholic TV journalist whose piece on high-profile police official George Bennett's first big case — the disappearance of a teen girl four decades earlier — leads her to question the outcome. The strong cast includes Philip Jackson ("Poirot") as the older Bennett, Lee Ingleby (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) as his younger self and Tony Maudsley (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) as his loyal sergeant. — Jeff Gemmill

10/9c Showtime
The love of Hank's life, Karen, is in L.A. hoping to reunite with him and Becca and move them back to New York City, but can he possibly cease doing what he seems to love to do most — other women? Becca is none-too-happy about the possible relocation since it means leaving behind her new best friend and partner in partying, Chelsea (Ellen Davis Woglom). Marcy and Charlie, once again, are strange bedfellows, but new client Rick Springfield (as himself) may have taken a liking to Charlie's girl. — Ray Stackhouse

Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew
10/9c VH1
Dr. Drew switches from treating substance abuse on Celebrity Rehab to wrestling with sexual addiction in this new reality series. In the debut episode, he lays down the law for eight patients, including porn stars, a rock star, a beauty queen and an extreme sportsman. Marriage and family therapist Jill Vermeire teams up with Dr. Pinsky to address issues of intimacy, addiction, grief and loss. — Fred Mitchell