Better Off Ted Better Off Ted

Better Off Ted
8:30 pm/ET ABC
Jay Harrington (Private Practice; Desperate Housewives) stars in this office sitcom about a single dad who works as the head of Research and Development for a scientific company that's in need of a good moral compass. In the series premiere, Ted's boss (Portia de Rossi) tasks Ted to recruit a research scientist as the guinea pig in a cryogenic experiment. That's just cold. — Michael Chant

9 pm/ET ABC
Okay, Sawyer, Juliet et al. have made contact with Jack, Kate et al. Now, the never-lefts have to explain to their Dharma buddies who the returnees are. Good thing Sawyer's such a good liar. Can he work the old magic two episodes in a row? Maybe we'll find out tonight. We'll also see what young Ben (Sterling Beaumon) is up to. (It's 1977, remember.) On the love front, meanwhile, how will the Sun-Jin reunion play out? And how will Kate's return affect Sawyer-Juliet? — Paul Droesch

American Idol
9 pm/ET FOX
Eleven is heaven for the remaining singers, but sadly, sometimes nice guys do finish last, as proven last week when likable Jasmine Murray and engaging Jorge Nunez faced the music and were axed. Last week also introduced an interesting new rule — the Judges' Save — in which the judges have the power to save one contestant from being eliminated. Our Top 11 are revvin', singing their way through their showcases last night and anticipating tonight's accompanying results show, in which they'll find out what America thought of those performances. — Dean Maurer

Global Warming: The New Challenge with Tom Brokaw
10 pm/ET Discovery
Tucked somewhere between the paranoia-inducing buzzwords "economic crisis" and "recession" is the phrase, "global warming." Venerable anchorman Tom Brokaw calls attention to that other global mess we made and shines a spotlight on the scientific, technological and economic solutions to climate change that are now brewing in the U.S. — Michael Chant

10 pm/ET CBS
It's a bittersweet world for Ashlee Simpson-Wentz's seedy motel housekeeper on tonight's emotionally stunning episode. She stumbles upon a murder victim, and also upon a huge stash of heroin, which she steals. She and her boyfriend (Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz) just have to sell it and they'll be on easy street. Of course, nothing goes as planned. As fun as it is to see Mr. and Mrs. Wentz together in their limited scenes, the hour's real power is watching the team unravel the mystery behind the murder. The victim is a former colleague's wife and the missing heroin is made from human bodies. — Tim Holland