Michael Chicklis, THe Shield Michael Chicklis, THe Shield

The Shield
10 pm/ET FX
Well, Vic is officially an ex-cop now. Let's see whether his badge-free status will help or hinder his hunt for the Vendrells. (Yes, plural. Mara is "no innocent," he tells Ronnie.) Meanwhile, there's a shake-up at the Barn that Ronnie and Julien won't like, and Aceveda receives a campaign "contribution" from Pezuela that he won't like. And remember Rita Denton (Frances Fisher)? She's back tonight and she's coming on to Dutch, but don't expect a feel-good love story. - Paul Droesch

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Dancing With the Stars
9 pm/ET ABC
Toni Braxton's departure last week was not expected, so will this week's elimination prove surprising as well? For the first time this season, viewer votes were based on not only the regular performances but on the contestants' participation in a group hip-hop number as well. Whoever failed to impress gets his or her walking papers tonight. — Jennifer Sankowski

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Biggest Loser: Families
8 pm/ET NBC
After spending several weeks on the ranch sweating with and learning from their trainers, the contestants must put their knowledge to the test during a calorie quiz. The winning team receives a hefty advantage in the challenge. But this week it's the weigh-in that steals the show when someone breaks a Biggest Loser record. — Brie Hearn

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8 pm/ET Fox
So Cuddy's going to adopt a baby. Last week's final scene was as warm and fuzzy as House gets, but don't expect Cuddy to get cuddly with her bundle of joy without a struggle. That'll happen tonight. Meanwhile, Greg and his gang must figure out what's killing a sleepwalking single dad. His daughter is sick, too. It seems that he has been involved in consumer-product tests. (Wait, didn't a drug tester almost die on House a few weeks ago? Note to writers: This is getting old.) — Paul Droesch

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9 pm/ET PBS (check local listings)
Whether it's Obama or McCain, the nation's next president will face serious foreign-policy challenges, including two wars, an overstretched military and, along the Afghan-Pakistan border, a resurgent al Qaeda. This report hones in on Afghanistan, visiting one of its deadliest battlefields and interviewing an array of experts, including former CIA officer Michael Scheuer (who led the bin Laden unit from 1996-99) and the Council of Foreign Relations' Vali Nasr. — Jeff Gemmill

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