Nicole Kidman and three other actors, including 10-year-old Jackson Bond - whose credits, I must note, include

In Case of Emergency and the "Collision" episode of CSI: Miami - were involved in a car accident on the set of the film Invasion, shortly after midnight Wednesday in downtown Los Angeles. According to Extra, which will have more on the incident this evening, everything was going well with a vehicular stunt until the third attempt, when the Jaguar spun out of control and crashed into a light pole at about 45 mph. Sources tell Us that Kidman was taken to Cedars Sinai Medical Center, released within two hours, and resumed filming later in the night. And that, folks, is why Nic is filmdom's highest-paid working actress. UPDATE: The Associated Press' accounting suggests that Kidman was in the car with a stunt person, and perhaps not Jackson Bond. An official statement from Warner Bros. is expected Thursday afternoon.