How does Christopher Titus feel about Emmy's continued snub of his TV dad Stacy Keach? "I think it's a national disgrace," the candid star of Fox's Titus groans to TV Guide Online. "Not since Archie Bunker has there been a character you hated so much and loved so much at the same time."

For his part, the erstwhile Mike Hammer suspects that members of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences may just plain hate his heartless alter ego — not to mention the show itself. "I think we're edgy to the point where we are somewhat challenging of the prurient interests of society," Keach offers, "and I think that Emmy doesn't want to endorse that necessarily."

Still, the 60-year-old acting vet — who acknowledges that Hollywood for years "typecast me as a serious dramatic actor [before] Christopher Titus thankfully turned me into a cheap, burlesque clown" — says that his character's ignorance is at the heart of his appeal. "He's totally oblivious to his horrors, and that's what makes him — at least from my point of view — funny. As long as he's funny, he can be as unrepentant and piggish as he wants to be."

And if the joke is lost on Emmy, so be it. As it is, Keach believes that the whole nominating process is a flawed one. "I personally don't think Ally McBeal is a comedy," he says of the Fox series, which won top comedy honors in 1999. "I think it's more of a dramedy.... But I can't think about it. Awards are nice, they're wonderful, but they're not the most important thing. They cannot be the objective. The objective is to get back on the air and keep working and have the opportunity to improve."