High Society star Tinsley Mortimer denies a co-star's allegations that the show is a "docu-soap," and says if Jules Kirby is unhappy with the way she's portrayed on the CW series, it's her own fault.

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Mortimer also invites viewers to watch a video posted on TVGuide.com showing Kirby's raw interviews for the show, which she says prove Kirby wasn't misrepresented. Kirby is quoted on the show saying she uses the N-word and believes it's OK, that she only likes white men, and that her friends tend not to be gay, Jewish, or fat.Watch our interview with Mortimer below:

HIGH SOCIETY's Tinsley Mortimer dishes on Jules

High Society's Tinsley Mortimer talks about how Jules got a fair edit and reveals if the show is truly a reality show.|High Society|Tinsley Mortimer|