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Clockblockers, prepare to see the rules of Timeless rewritten. In an upcoming episode of the NBC time-traveling drama, one of the steadfast precautions of zipping around the space-time continuum will be broken!

As you know, there are a few rules that Wyatt (Matt Lanter), Lucy (Abigail Spencer) and Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) have to abide by in order to not blow up the universe or themselves. They cannot travel to a timeline they already visited, they can't travel to their own timeline where they exist now and — this is mostly a rule of the showrunners — they can't go into the future. But one of those is going out the window.

Here's the catch: Our characters will find this out through Garcia (Goran Visnjic), as he reveals the backstory to one of the big events that happened early on in the series, so we also have to ask ourselves if the one-time antagonist is telling the truth. Even if he's fibbing, it's a huge clue to a big piece of the show that fans have wondered about since the pilot. But in true Timeless fashion, this answer only leads to — say it with me — more questions.

Timeless airs Sunday nights at 10/9c on NBC.