Tim Roth, <i>Lie To Me</i> Tim Roth, Lie To Me

The quivering lip. The raised brow. Human lie detector Cal Lightman can read you like a book. But just as fun is interrogating Tim Roth for clues about Lie to Me's return Monday at 8/7c on Fox.

TV Guide Magazine: Lie to Me has nine new episodes this summer: true or false?
Roth: Um, true.

TV Guide Magazine: Was there some stonewalling in your delivery?
Roth: No.

TV Guide Magazine: Is it true The Shield cast reunites for an upcoming episode?
Roth: Yes. They are a very tight group and I loved watching them use acting shorthand with each other. They practically read each others' minds.

TV Guide Magazine: Kind of like Lightman. What about the woman from Flashdance?
Roth: Jennifer Beals and I have two more episodes together this season. We end up on opposite sides of a prosecution case. She's defending, and things get a bit heated. We have a sparky relationship.

TV Guide Magazine: You and Jennifer?
Roth: No, our characters. Well, Jennifer is sparky herself. She's a wild child, really.

TV Guide Magazine: Wild?
Roth: Yes, she bought me a pair of stripper shoes. Size 10, pink and black with a high heel, along with a note that said, "Just because it's Friday and you need to feel pretty."

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