Question: I thought someone was supposed to end up pregnant on the Desperate Housewives finale. What the heck?

Answer: Last-minute change of plans. And that wasn't the only plot point that underwent an 11th-hour rewrite. When I spoke to executive producer Tom Spezialy back in April, he specifically told me that Kyle MacLachlan's creepy dentist was coming on as a love interest for Susan this despite the fact that Marc Cherry hinted to USA Today that he was intended for Bree. Spezialy said pairing Bree with Orson was "something Mark was noodling on, that was never my plan." Well, it appears Marc won out, because the season finale very clearly set the stage for a Bree-Orson romance. I wonder if this was the dispute that led Spezialy to reportedly storm off the Housewives set during filming of the finale? I'm guessing yes. Oh, and just in case you're wondering, Spezialy will not be returning next season.