In the time it took the rest of us to roast a wienie and crack open a brew, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End plundered $142.1 million at the box office, giving it the record of best Memorial Day weekend debut ever. Still, the popcorn flick fell short of matching the biggest four-day opening numbers in history. That record was set less than a month earlier by Spider-Man 3, which raked in $151.1 million. Furthermore, the $115.1 million Friday-Sunday tally for World's End is significantly less than the $135.6 mil haul that Dead Man's Chest took in last summer. Rounding out the top five were Shrek the Third, with an additional $69.1 million, Spider-Man 3, with $18 million, "Bug III"... er, no, just Bug, the Ashley Judd thriller, with $4.2 million, and Waitress, with $4 million.