Hey Randall,

It's me, one of your biggest fans. I think that you and your wife Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) are such couple goals. Well, you were until you went and lost your damn mind.

Let's do a quick recap of what I, and millions of others, have witnessed of your relationship. When you went to go find your birth father and brought him to live in your house without consulting Beth, she supported you. When you had an identity crisis and quit your job that paid you a lot of money and kept your family in a secure and comfortable lifestyle, Beth supported you. When you decided to buy an apartment building in Philadelphia, again without consulting her, Beth became your partner in running the whole thing. When you then decided that saving William's (Ron Cephas Jones) apartment building wasn't enough and you wanted to run for city council in a city three hours from your home, Beth backed you up — even when she needed you far more than the city of Philadelphia.

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Now Beth has finally figured out what makes her happy and found the courage to dream in the way you inspired her to do, and the moment she embraces her path as a dance teacher you try and talk her out of it because it's what you think is necessary. Somehow, despite being as smart as you are, you think that Beth teaching dance classes in the evenings is more detrimental to managing your family's schedule than you driving to Philadelphia for three hours a day? I was really good at math growing up, Randall, and I can tell you right now that sh-- doesn't add up. You need to do better, man.

This is what really gets me: I saw how supportive you were when you were putting the family schedule together and I wrote about how you and Beth were "definitely getting your groove back." Now you've made a liar out of me and I do not appreciate it. Honestly, how freakin' dare you? How many times do you need to have the conversation that Beth's passions and dreams are just as important as yours? Or actually more so because she's spent most of your marriage backing you up and now its time for you to do the same? Home girl stood up to her intimidating AF mama and told her you were the greatest love of her life. Act like it, bro.

You don't know this, but a long time ago William told Beth that at some point in your relationship she's going to need to play the trumpet in the jazz band of your marriage. That time has come and, instead of being the husband you once convinced us you were, you're being a selfish jackass. Yes, I said jackass. Honestly, if it turns out that Beth did leave you and you're divorced in the flash-forward scenes — you deserve it, man.

I think you need some time to think about what you've done here. I hope the trip to Los Angeles to see Kate (Chrissy Metz) does that for you, because this is not the Randall I've grown to love over three seasons. The next time I see you, you better come correct and be the man worthy of a queen as good as Beth.

Your obedient servant,

M. Vick

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